[FANFIC] Piri's Eurovision Party pt.1
Title: Piri's Eurovision Party pt.1
Characters: OC!Female Philippines, OC!Rizal, OC!Antipolo, OC!Angono, OC!Baras and OC!Binangonan. OC!Cainta has mentioned here.
Rating: PG for mild language.
Genre: I'll leave you guys for the genre.
Warnings: Mild language
Summary: Present-day - Philippines, along with her friends Rizal and Antipolo are watching the ESC 2011 in Düsseldorf on Spain's channel. Thus sooner or later, excitement occurs. Based on the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Plus, some fun facts added.


Europe's favorite TV show, the annual craze that has spread all of Europe, the phenomenon of many, the mother of all song contests, the mecca of European pop music and popular culture...

These are the words that can prescribe on each and every one of them, in just one word: Eurovision.

May 10th, 2:54 PM

Rizal finally managed to save his money to buy some snacks and some finger food due to his hard work, and on the contrary, his boss gives him a big reward: money to save for the Eurovision party. After
that, he called Antipolo, who is in his office, cleaning his desk, sorting documents, and arranges his clothes. After this however, he received a call from his right-hand man.

"Um, hello? It's me Rizal! Did you prepare cable TV for the first semi-final?"

"Oh hello boss Rizal! Say, where the hell are you? You've been gone in thirty minutes!"

"Oh, I am here in my boss' office and recently I met him during the briefing of a recent project on the road renovations."

"I see. So, about the cable TV you have asked me for earlier."

"Oh yeah, you must install the cable in my high-definition TV at my house, because tonight's the first semi-final! Our friends will come over with their finger food and some booze!"

"Wow! This could be very perfect! I'm on my way to your house. Say, do you have an access code of your house?"

"Everyone has an access code to my house, so you can use yours as well! Remember when I give you the access code on Easter Sunday?"

"Oh, the small paper contained an access code."

"All right then, now go to the convenience store, get your wallet, and get my shopping list and go! We're going to stay awake tonight!"

"Aye aye boss!"

And so, Antipolo grabbed his wallet, Rizal's shopping list, his jacket with a black mink, and he goes off to the convenience store. While on his way via tricycle, he pays PHP43 ($1.00) and he made towards the convenience store. When he begins shopping for snacks, Antipolo views Rizal's shopping list:

Two 1-liter large bottles of zero-percent sugar cola for his beer tower.
Three large bags of chili-chesse flavored corn chips
One pouch of seasoning mix for Rizal's buffalo wings
One pack of cheese powder for Antipolo's potato wedges
Two cans of energy drink

After his shopping, he pays money to the cashier, and he had to go, but suddenly he encountered Angono, holding his small items from the grocery: a large bottle of ice tea, his favorite potato chips and a small bottle of energy drink. Later on Antipolo meets Angono and shared a conversation while on their way to Rizal's big mansion. During the bus ride, he and Angono shared topics about the environment and the controversial RH bill. Minutes later, the bus driver loses consciousness and the bus is started to out of control. Antipolo orders Angono to stop the bus and check the bus driver. When Angono is trying to stop the bus, he encountered a man wearing a maroon jacket and holding small groceries too, and by the grace of his mind, Angono managed to stop the bus, nearly killed the man. Antipolo rushed to go outside the bus, and when he sees the man wearing a maroon jacket and holding small groceries in his hands, it was not the man: it's Baras and his friend, Binangonan.

When Antipolo checks if Baras is alright, he replied to Antipolo.

"You ALMOST give us a heart attack, kuya (big brother)!"

"It's all right, Baras. The bus driver loses consciousness and he calls an ambulance earlier. Is Binangonan okay?"

"Yeah, he's okay, but luckily he bought a small energy drink and his favorite corn chips earlier when we get to kuya Rizal's mansion for our important meeting."

"That is the same one as us, too."

"You did?"

"Yes, we're just on our way to his mansion too. We too also bought some snacks for Rizal too for his beer tower."

Suddenly, Binangonan said, "Did you say 'beer tower'? Oooh yeah! That changes everything! Come on, we have to hurry to Rizal's mansion before sundown!"

And so, Angono, Antipolo, Baras and Binangonan, along with their small groceries, rushed to Rizal's mansion before sundown. Later on, Antipolo types the access code and the gates are automatically opened, they entered Rizal's mansion, just in time.

May 10th, about 8:00 PM

Many hours later, Rizal was present when Antipolo was at his side. Also, Angono, Baras and Binangonan are also present. Meanwhile, when Rizal was sitting in his favorite sofa in his luxurious living room, complete with audio components, his laptop with wireless Internet, his high-definition TV complete with cable, and finally a large coffee table. Rizal later on orders his four friends.

"We must get to sleep early and we got to prepare our energy drinks at 2:50 AM, which is the time we had to wake up. I prepare some kumot (bed sheet) for the two of you. Antipolo has one too. Okay then, we must get to sleep so we can get to watch the first semi-final on Spain's channel!"

After this however, all of them are activated their cell phones and set the time at 2:50 AM (9:00 PM in Spain) and they get to sleep. Before Antipolo gets to sleep, he gets some cans of energy drinks, straight from Rizal's kitchen. Then, he labeled the names and put it to the lid of the can. Antipolo gets a medium-sized cooler to put the drinks into it. Then, he uses an ice pick to cut the ice block into medium and large pieces and places it into the cooler. When all else fails, Antipolo puts the cooler under the coffee table and gets to sleep.

'Ah Eurovision, it only happens every year. Can't wait to see all of the European countries performed... in this first semi-final.'

May 11th, 2:50 AM


Everyone have finally woke up for five hours and fifty minutes of sleep, and after they were woke up, Rizal orders them to drink their respective energy drinks directly from the cooler that Antipolo prepared hours ago.

"Antipolo, make sure you open my computer and my cable TV. Angono and I will buy some ingredients from the store."

"Aye aye."

As Rizal and Angono leaving to buy some ingredients from a local store. Antipolo opens Rizal's cable TV and his computer, on which Estonia installed anti-virus and anti-malware software ten months ago, plus he opens the Internet to contact his beloved WWII veteran: the eastern defender known as Cainta. As Antipolo still prepares Rizal's computer and cable TV, Baras prepares some chips and dips and puts it to the big bowl, also Binangonan puts some ice cubes and pours two 1-liter bottles of Rizal's favorite cola straight into the beer tower. The size of Rizal's beer tower was the size of America's, and Binangonan puts the beer tower onto the table, because the coffee table isn't tall enough to put the tower, so he decided to get a square-shaped table from Rizal's swimming pool, and puts the beer tower right beside the coffee table. Baras in the meantime, puts the snacks into the table, and puts some plastic cups beside the beer tower. Everyone works hard for the preparations for the live viewing of the first semi-final in Spain's channel.

"Phew, what time is it of our preps for the live viewing, Antipolo?"

"We made it just in time, Baras, just as Rizal-sensei told us to."

"Hey, only six minutes left 'til the show starts, kuya."

"That's right, Binangonan. But first we have to watch news, after that we have to change to Spain's channel."

The three waited for Rizal and Angono's return, but later on they returned with something unusual from one of Rizal's plastic bags. Antipolo inspects it, and he saw a styro-like food case, inside it was sisig.

"Um, boss, why did you buy sisig?"

"It's my favorite."

And behind Rizal's back was Philippines herself...


"Antipolo! Why are you here in Rizal's house?"

"He ordered me to watch the first semi-final of ESC 2011. So, he invites me to join his party."

"Oh I see right now, hey guys, I made a list to see who's going to the final."

Minutes later, the show was just started minutes later, and some of Europe's countries will perform later. Meanwhile, Philippines made a list of the entrants of the first semi-final with a check box. Baras tells Philippines about those small squares.

"Um ate (big sister), what are those small squares for?"

"It means that I will check those after their performance, the ten countries will pick with the highest scoring points, according to the combined votes from the jury and televotes."

"Wow, I knew it. My friend from Warsaw always doing that every year." Binangonan said.

Minutes later, the performance night was now underway, starting with Poland, and he sings it in his native tongue. During that, Baras started to get a cup of Rizal's favorite cola, and gives it to Piri.

'Jestem twym natchnieniem, dla lez ukojeniem (I am your inspiration, for the consolation of tears)'

"Look at those back-up dancers!" Angono said in exclamation.

Poland's performance have used some smoke to 'smoked-up' the performance, and to that however it ends in spectacular...

"Um, Antipolo, what is 'Poczuj bicie serca!' mean?"

"Sensei, that means 'Feel the heartbeat!' in Polish. Poland told me when I visited his house before his performance night."

"Wow! I didn't think that! And you got enough money to go to Warsaw!"

"Oh Sensei..."

"Ate Piri, are those two are lovers from the beginning?"

"Yes Baras, in fact, they are reunited through the monorail. Isn't that sweet?"

"Um... Of course that is."

Next is Norway's. Before the performance night, Baras wrote Denmark via email, and when he reads Denmark's letter, he wanted to see Norway performed wearing a dress. That makes Baras seriously blushed after he closed his laptop later on.

'Oh shit, now I am blushed more than ever!'

"What's wrong Baras, you seem to be blushing. Is it about Norway?"

"No ate, but please excuse me because I am going to the bathroom."

Baras rushed to the bathroom and minutes later, he caught nosebleed. Why is he causing a hard nosebleed? It's because of Norway's dress.

"Wow, Baras seems to be on crush with Norway."

"Hey! Norway's a boy! Remember that!"

"I wonder what is wrong with Baras. Maybe I should find out."

As Antipolo gets up to the couch, he checks on Baras. When he opens the bathroom door, he saw Baras' nose covered in blood, much to the deprimative shock of Antipolo. He gets a ply of tissue to wipe off and cleans Baras' nose as he orders him to return to the living room for Norway's performance.

Before this however, a prologue clip appeared. A Norwegian climber climbs through Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. After a few minutes the climber reaches the summit.

After that, Norway's performance begins. When Rizal sees the song title, he tells Piri.

"Um ate, what is 'Haba Haba' mean? Is it 'Long Long'?"

"No Rizal, it means 'Little by little' in Swahili. You have to learn to translate."

"Oh okay."

When this however, Baras' nose starting to bleed again, as Antipolo gives him a tissue to cover his nostrils.

'Haba haba hujaza kibaba, Haba haba hujaza kibaba (Little by little fills the pot, little by little fills the pot)'

Meanwhile minutes later, Norway's performance ended, and to that Baras was relieved as the tissues managed to control of his nosebleed. In the meantime, they managed to watch performances of Albania and Armenia. Antipolo chats with Cainta, as she was also watched the first semi-final along with San Mateo and Rodriguez, as these two of them were die-hard Eurovision fanatics.

After Albania and Armenia's performances minutes later, Turkey is coming up. Last year, he was pretty close to win his second title, but this year he tried to get him to the final slot. Piri told the boys about Turkey, when he is going to the final or not. But Angono told her that he made a prediction that Turkey won't gonna make it to the final according to his personal psychic. As they watch Turkey's prologue clip, they saw a Turkish artist going to a German art museum, and he draws a picture of the Madonna and Child with the 'Feel your Heartbeat' quote in Turkish. After this, Turkey's performance begins.  

During his performance, Angono shocked when he sees Turkey playing bass guitar.

"ASTIG!! (Awesome!) He performed the bass guitar so perfectly!! Maybe I should save some money for the bass guitar!"

"Wow Angono, you pretty seem to have dibs on Turkey's performance."

After Turkey's performance, they watch Serbia's performance, and Binangonan said to them that Serbia will be in the finals due to the glamour of the ladies. Suddenly, Antipolo's cellphone was vibrated, and it's a call... from Cainta herself.

"Um hello?"

"Hello, it's me Cainta. Is ate Piri here in Rizal's house?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Because I wanted to told her to watch the first semi-final of the contest."

"Oh, she's watching it. So far we watched the performances of Poland, Norway, Albania, Armenia and Turkey. Serbia's next, Cainta."

"Wow, I knew she could do it."

"Yeah, and earlier, Baras' nose has caught a nosebleed. So Angono will take care of Baras' controllable nosebleed."

"Ano?! What the hell happened to him?!"

"He caught a nosebleed during Norway's performance. But don't worry, friend, Angono will take care of it."

"Oh okay. Just to make sure you are watching it."

"Ok, bye."

After Serbia's funkadelic but nostalgic performance, Russia is coming up. As the cola of Rizal's beer tower was depleted, Binangonan gets another bottle straight from the kitchen, opens the beer tower's lid, pours the cola and closes it to maintain its coolness of the cola, just like a cold beer as bubbles flow through the beer tower. As Philippines tells the boys on how Russia's back-up dancers look like if they  imagine: Rizal imagines as young boys, Antipolo imagines as manly men wearing masks, Angono imagines as three Baltics, Baras imagines as young bishonen boys, and lastly Binangonan imagines as sexy men showing their six-packs. Piri then, picks Angono as the winner, giving PHP500 as a reward. Then, the prologue clip from Russia plays as a prima ballerina from Russia performs on stage.

"That ballerina's beautiful or what?"

"Indeed Binangonan, indeed her splendor and her true beauty. Wish Tanay will better become a prima ballerina."

"Antipolo, Tanay hates ballet. Although her toes are too painful if she did ballet."

Later on, Russia's performance was started, and along with him are his back-up dancers: the Baltics. When Piri saw Russia's look during performance, she spits her drink on the floor and she exclaimed.


Then Baras replied, "Wait, is Russia's looks copied kuya America's look?"

As Piri looks on, Angono practically saw the Baltics dancing.

'Oh oh… I'm coming to get you, Oh oh… I'm running, I'm coming for you, Oh oh… I'm gonna get you, I know you, you want me to...'


With this however, he too follows Piri's part. And minutes later, Russia's performance ended with a bow to the audience. Next up is Switzerland.

Binangonan felt that he remembered the eve of his performance night. During his stay in Switzerland's glamour but beautiful mansion, he told Vash on how he wore a dress by the orders of his boss. But Vash told Binangonan that he will play a cello, and of course, his sister Liechtenstein plays the small and big guitars, because she is too excited for his performance night tomorrow. The next day however, he bid good luck to his friend on his performance night when he returns home.

"Hmm... I wonder what Vash look like when his boss forced him to wear a dress."

Then later on, Switzerland's prologue clip was shown. A Grand Prix circuit in Nürburgring was seen and a Swiss racing team was shown. In the meantime, the word 'Gschpür din Härzschlag!' is shown.
And, Switzerland's performance is commenced. Somehow during the performance, Vash managed to not wear a dress, but the singer. Binangonan was relived, and he continues to watch Vash's performance when he's drinking a cup of cola.

"Ooh bubbles!!" Baras said.

Switzerland's performance was ended but magical, and Binangonan contacted Switzerland on his cellphone, but there is no signal. He tried to contact him but failed.

Later on, they watched Georgia's performance, and to no avail, Baras told them that Georgia's performance was a perfect one to enter the final.

After Georgia's performance, Finland is coming up, before his performance night, Rizal sent his text message to Tino and he said to his message: 'This is ur night. Do it 4 Peter.' And when Tino reads this, he was happy, and he's getting ready to perform.

Finland's prologue clip was shown, and it's about a Finnish member of the Berliner Philharmoniker carrying a large cello, who is about to perform in a Philharmonie theater. When he turned the page of his songbook, and the words 'Anna sydämesi sykkiä!' is shown, which means 'Let your heart throb!' in Finnish. Piri told Rizal, that Finland is also Cainta's close friend in combat. And after the prologue clip, Tino's performance is about to begin.

'I'm going out in the world to save our planet, And I ain't coming back until she's saved, I'll walk my way to see the king and parliament, If they don't help, I'll do it by myself, I don't wanna be…'

"Dadadam dadadam dadadada dadada…" they singed.

Then Antipolo thought that when he saw a globe ascending through the stage during his performance 'Gotta save the world...'

After this, his performance is ended. But suddenly, Binangonan has made a trip to the bathroom to use the toilet.

Next up is Iceland, but come to think of it, Rizal said in his thoughts about him, who is going to perform next, 'Hope he is worthy to enter the finals.'

Then, the prologue clip has started. After this, his performance along with his five friends begins. But during the performance however, Angono nearly bursts into tears as he hears these lyrics.

'Cause I can't wait for tomorrow, To say the things I wanna say, Your smile will always lead my way...'

"OH MY GOD!! Did you see this?! That guy's kissing Ice-kun!" Antipolo said.

But Rizal replied, "Relax, he's just enjoying himself."

Thus Iceland's performance is ended. Next up is Hungary. Rizal Told Piri about her return in the first semi-final because he was too anxious to watch her perform.

"Um Piri, why is Hungary didn't join last year?"

"Because her broadcaster has some problems due to financial difficulties."

"The same thing as Austria's?"

"The same thing as Austria's."

When Baras saw Hungary's wearing a big ring, he was thought, 'OH SHET, ANG LAKI!! (Oh shit, that's big!!)'

Then Hungary's prologue clip was shown. They shown a Hungarian chef, who is specialized in Italian cuisine, is buying ingredients from Munich's Victuals Market for his lunch. Then the words 'Erezd A Szivveresed!' which means 'Feel the heartbeat' in Hungarian. In the meantime, Binangonan told Piri on how Hungary can cook her goulash, and she replied to him that she too, can cook goulash, and she's skilled.

Moments later, Hungary's performance has started, along with her back-up singers.

'What about my life? What about my dreams? What about how I feel? What about my needs?'

"Hey Rizal, is she singing about her ex-husband?"

"Umm, Probably."

"And sensei, her voice that just like Celine Dion!"

"Dat Ring!!"

The boys didn't stand against Hungary's looks during her performance at the end. Thus Antipolo continues to chat Cainta via web messenger.

Some minutes later, they drink and eat to enjoy the first semi-final as they watched Portugal's performance, on what Rizal told everyone that his performance was ugly. Baras told Rizal that Portugal's artists were like the Village People.

Next is Lithuania and he really hopes that he will enter the finals since he failed to reach it last year. This time, he abandoned his famed sparkly shorts to a dress for the performance. Meanwhile, Rizal and
Piri shown Liet's prologue clip, and they begin to watch Lithuania's performance.

"That was so beautiful." Rizal told.

After Lithuania's performance was end, Azerbaijan's next. Baras got one thing for the Azerbaijani entry; he would never be running scared again in the past. Ever since he self-defend his confidence against his natural enemies. Baras told on both Piri and Rizal that Azer-chan will advance to the final according to his psychic assistant in his office. Thus, Azerbaijan's prologue clip was shown, it's about two Azerbaijani friends to take a tour to Rothenburg. Then, Azerbaijan's performance begins, but Baras went to the bathroom to take a pee. But suddenly, a voice heard towards Baras' ears.

'I'm running, I'm scared tonight, I'm running, I'm scared of breathing, 'Cause I adore you...'

With this however, Baras returned to his seat and he saw Azerbaijan's performance, with some fire sparks fallen through the stage, just like a spark rain.

"So beautiful, that reminds me of my memories back when Japan abused us."

"Is is, Baras. We don't need to running like cowards anymore."

"That's right, sensei."

After the performance, Baras clapped his hands happily, and the last country to perform is Greece.

"Kuya Rizal, I have recently heard of kuya Heracles' condition, he split personalities: he will sing in Greek, and the other will rapped in English. Sounds funny, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I last saw him during your peace talks with kuya Heracles. And his tabby cat was beautiful that my pet cat."

Meanwhile, Greece's prologue clip was shown. There was a marathon here in Berlin and a Greek runner participated in the marathon. Once he continues to run, he reaches from the finish line, and Greece's performance was started.

During the performance, Angono shockingly saw the inner Greece.

"Naks, the inner kuya Greece was unbelievable, while the real kuya Greece is singing in Greek."

"Sounds Greek to me." replied Rizal.

Minutes later, a door bell was heard, and Rizal takes the door and when he opens it, it was one of his colleagues: the CALABARZON general, Cavite. And, he carried his favorite on his hand: his sisig.

"Hey guys! How's the party?" said Cavite to Piri.

Then she replied "Of course we enjoy the party. Rizal invited me hours ago before the show was started."

"Wow! I never knew that this was the first you watch this annual craze."


Meanwhile during the performance, Cavite watches Greece's performance.

'Tin ehei i psihi mou ti fotia, Tous fovous olous kaiei monadhika, Ta vimata mou kavo os to theo, Ki an peso ego xana tha sikotho...'

"Wow... He will heat up the competition when he enters the final."

"Yes Cavite. Say, where's your right-hand man?"

"You mean Trece Martires? Oh, he's in the hospital, he's got a motorcycle accident on a ten-wheeler. I feel bad for him right now."

After Greece's performance, it was now over. All of the 19 nations are now complete their performance after a nearly long 57 minutes. Then, an interval act was shown. And now is the time for Piri to prepare the list that she prepared yesterday. It was now time to pick the first ten countries to book their ticket to the final.

The presenter opens the envelope... and it begins.

Serbia is the first country to qualified, and to this however, Rizal was impressed at how Serbia is happy to be in the final. Second is Lithuania, Piri cries with joy as her good friend reaches to the final. Oh, how happy she is now.

"Why are so happy, Piri?"

"Because Rizal-sensei, Liet is my good friend, and even he tastes my favorite sinigang!"


The third country to book the ticket to the final is Greece.


"Angono! Why are you so happy about?"

"You see, my favorite narcoleptic BFF was now booked his ticket, and ooh I saw one of Greece's cats gives the ticket to his representative!"

Angono barely saw one of Greece's cats as the representative gives the ticket to the cat on Heracles' behalf, due to his post-performance however, he gets sleepy.

The fourth country to make it to the final is Azerbaijan. No wonder why Baras was so happy because that's his favorite song. Next is the fifth country: Georgia.

"Wow, I didn't know."

"See if I told you, guys. Georgia was great. And the representative punched his ticket to the final."

The sixth country that enters the final... Switzerland. As the presenter announced that Vash is going to the final, Binangonan was so happy, and he had plans to make a congratulatory present to Vash: a high -class SIG SG 530.

'Vash Zwingli... You make me so happy with that song of yours, and in fact, I will deliver your congratulatory present back in your mountain home.'

The seventh country that advanced to the final is Hungary, and her big ring that she wears on her finger.

"Oh my... She finally did it." said Angono.

"Of course, Angono. She did everything to her ex-husband." replied Rizal as he continues to sip some cola.

Next is Finland, and thus he is happy with his guitar as he lifts up in a victorious fashion. Antipolo, continuing typing through Internet, was so happy about his performance. Rizal was nearly tearfully happy about this, and he sent a text message that it says: 'Congrats Tino, hope u gonna take d title on Saturday.'
With this, Tino's happy.

The ninth country that makes it to the final is Russia, and his looks that he stole from America.

"Oh my lord... He's stuck it. Ivan's booked his ticket to the final. Ahahahahaha.... NAKUPO!!!" Angono said.

But Piri screamed "AAAHH!!!!! PUMASOK ANG FUTURE BF KOH!!!"

With this however, Rizal was shy.

And the final country that makes it to the final, is none other than Iceland. When Iceland reacts, he felt glad and happy, as he cried for joy as Mr. Puffin looks on, and the representative punched Ice-kun's ticket to the final.

Finally, the first semi-final is over. After that however, they cleaned up Rizal's living room and picking up the mess and throw to the garbage can.

"Everyone, I want to thank you all for joining the party. Cavite and I will leave for the conference on the renovation of the pipeline."

"See you! Goodbye!" they said as they wave their hands to bid farewell to Piri and Cavite.

After that, Rizal saw Antipolo, continuing to chat with Cainta.

"Hey Antipolo, why are you still chatting?"

"Everything's in place as Ta-chan prepares her food, drinks, and booze for the second semi-final party at Cainta's place. So, wanna come with me on Friday?"

"Oh hell yeah I would. Let's get some shuteye."


As Rizal's computer turned off, Rizal and Antipolo get some sleep, as they are tired after the Eurovision party. No wonder, they are the best friends since they started watching this annual craze.



* - Antipolo and Angono's conversation is based on the on-going current event in the Philippines: the debate on the controversial RH (Reproductive Health) bill.

* - Rizal loves his beer tower.

* - Spain's channel is referencing TVE Internacional. Sadly, the first semi-final was not aired, La 2 (or TVE2) did.

* - Sisig is particularly made of pork jowls, ears and liver. It can be served as a main dish, snack, or pulutan, a term roughly analogous to the English term "finger food" and it can be accompanied by beer or liquor.

* - Cavite, one of the CALABARZON generals, is a guest here in this first part. And his right-hand man, Trece Martires, is mentioned.

* - Sinigang is a soup characterized by its sour flavor most often associated with sampalok (tamarind).

* - Narcolepcy is a sleeping disorder in which one would experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep at random intervals throughout the day.

* - When I watched Portugal's performance on Youtube, it was the worst according to my fellow Caintano, MultifandomMan12 of deviantART (he lives in the same city as I am.).


Hi everyone!
Oh my goodness, long time for that posting thing.

Here's the thing here, last year I've collecting seven UAAP bottles minus Ateneo during the post-Ondoy weeks a year ago. Unfortunately, I failed the mission. This year, I collecting UAAP tumblers this year,  I got UP, FEU, Ateneo, UST, Adamson, UE and DLSU. One more tumbler to go and my tumbler collection is complete before the deadline (September 30) of the promo is near. If anyone wants to hear my questions, just ask me, I will be happy to answer your questions. And also, I will be on the works to make a APH fanfic.

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Greece vs Argentina

Greece vs Argentina today!!

Hope I'll stick with Greece for a while, cause his cats are equipped with vuvuzelas!!

Can't wait....
On Election Day (May 10th), Hetallia World Series is going to be released and it's going to be DAMN EPIC. Okay, here are my 'can't wait' moments if this episode is released.

My favorite yaoi-addicted huntress, Elizabeta (Hungary) is back!! And she's talking to God? With wings?! And I can't wait to see Hungary holding her trademark weapon since China's wok and ladle combo. And also, Austria's back.

Hetalia 58! + BUZZ BEATER FAIL
Last night, my brother's friends are coming over to visit my house, and then I met them personally.

Okay here's the thing right here. Last night we watch AOTS (otherwise known as Attack Of The Show!) and we watch a segment called 'Around The Net', which according to Wikipedia, is a daily profile of websites featuring the top five online videos with unique or bizarre idiosyncrasies. Sound's pretty good huh? Then I found out this interesting in three ridiculous words I say: BUZZ BEATER FAIL!!

And I watch the new episode of Hetalia World Series just a few days ago, and of course, our favorite Nini is back!!

Watch China's epic return, starting with the continuation of Iggy's cold, and China's loss to the Opium Wars.

To hell with Russia (Bad Ivan, bad!) ! He's overweight when he eats China's food!

Weekly Hetalia Pic: Smell by carichan
About the thing that Iceland farted.

Hetalia World Series EP 4!

Hahahahaha, O LMAO'ed at Poland. Orange pajamas, like, why is HE wearing that?!

Weekly Hetalia Pic: Revenge on Europe by DinoTurtle

Hahahaha!!!! Iceland's evil side has FINALLY revealed. On the contrary, he uses a different fan that can spread his smoke towards Europe.

Poor Iggy, he has two planes that stuck on his head.

HWS Episode 55 + Major S6 Epi.2
NOTE: Small italics represents my thoughts.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is my very first post here on LJ. In fact I just watch those old 'toons again.

Anyway about the recent episode of Hetalia World Series (or should I call HWS for short) is epic win. I just watch the second part of Japan and Greece on several sites including Veoh and GoGoAnime.com and in the end I learn Japan's finger trick, it was incredible for me even I will try it to my friends.

And OMG, it's Mugen-sama's birthday today! I will take him out to the cabinet and display it down! I'm gonna buy a cupcake for him!!

Gosh, reading some WWE news and results is really fascinating for me. Every Tuesday and Saturday to read those results from wrestling (except for Denmark, whose low experience on wrestling during his past), and some things that you can't just imagine.

I'm currently watching Major Season 6 on GoGoAnime.com. FINALLY, a baseball anime with new challenges of Goro Shigeno's career and he enters the Major Leagues.


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